Signage & Outdoor Advertising

Posters, storefront signs, billboards, bus boards, vehicle graphics and other forms of outdoor advertising can be excellent tools to reach potential customers.


Prime Design Solutions can make sure you attract attention by designing signs and outdoor advertisements that get your company’s message across quickly and effectively.

More than 1/3of drivers (37%) report that they look at an outdoor ad each or most of the time they pass one.—Arbitron

Whether you’re planning a billboard campaign, need to brand your company’s fleet, or just need storefront signage for your physical location(s), these displays are often only seen for a few seconds as people walk or drive by. But our staff knows how to deliver messaging and designs that attract potential customers and clients, motivating them to take action.

We take care of your large-format advertising needs from start to finish — from media buying or vendor selection on through concept and execution, as well as printing or production and installation. In addition to being eye-catching and memorable, your advertisements and signage will be clean, professional and high quality.

Innovative Tomato

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Innovative Tomato


Check out INNOVATIVE TOMATO, our sister company that specializes in digital advertising, mobile app development, and video & motion graphics.

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