Brochures, Circulars, Inserts & Rack Cards

Easy to distribute and convenient for your customers, these shorter forms of promotional literature can help you extend your reach to a wide public audience.


Brochures, circulars, inserts and rack cards provide a highly visible, versatile means of communicating with current and potential customers. We can advise you on cost-effective design and printing solutions that meet your marketing needs, thus maximizing your marketing investment.

These valuable supporting tools can be added to presentation materials, distributed at trade shows, retail storefronts or brochure racks, or sent to customers by standard or electronic mail.

Depending on your company’s needs, these materials can be produced as a series, focusing on various products and services. This approach allows you to provide customers with information specific to their interests.


“Prime Design Solutions' comprehensive approach to design, branding and marketing has brought real value to my firm, helping to define our brand and expand our client base.”

Lisa Dugan, Proprietor / UpStudio Landscapes