Portrait, Product, Location, & Event Photography

Let your potential customers get a first-hand look at your company in business.


Your business isn’t stock, so why would your image be? Show the world what your company is all about with quality photography taken on-site by our on-staff professional photographer.

Whether you need location shots, product shots, portraits or other custom images for your project, our photographer will work with you to capture a look that ideally fits your campaign, and that can be used over and over in different applications. We can set, stage, light and capture scenes within your workplace, one-on-one customer interactions, products in motion and so much more.

“There are many situations that we require photography services and with Prime Design’s photography staff we are always assured that they will provide the quality photos that we need in a professional manner.”

Susan M. Mann, President / 1889 Foundation

Need a photo for a newspaper article or a press release? Our portable studio makes it convenient to update your staff portrait with our on-site set. Professional head-shots are key to reinforcing the reputation of your business, as well as your online, social media, and PR presence.


Our photographers are highly-skilled marketing specialists and graphic designers, which means understanding your objectives, determining the right approach, and using our artistic abilities to turn your products and services into eye-catching images. Custom product photography is key to reinforcing your brand with visually captivating images and maintaining consistent quality in all of your messaging.


If one of your marketing initiatives means hosting an event, we’ve got you covered. Our photographers will work with you to formulate an agenda that ensures every important detail is captured in the best light. From sporting events to fundraising auctions to press conferences, we are on-site to provide you with a collection of stunning images that can be used for all of your marketing initiatives – print promotions, online and social media presence, and professional publications.


Do you want to give your customers a real glimpse into the places and faces behind your business? We are on-site to provide custom photography that meets the needs of your company. Our photographers will work with you to set, stage, light and capture scenes within your workplace to showcase your company in the best light.

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Innovative Tomato


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