Copywriting & Content Generation

The industry calls it “Content Marketing." For us, it’s simply a matter of frugality—don’t waste your marketing dollars and don’t waste your audience’s time with low-level content or filler text.


Savvy customers research before they buy. When you present your marketing message, you’re taking the stage and saying, “This is my story.” Well-written marketing materials are smart, engaging, and present your message clearly. We can help you craft a message that’s true to your organization’s mission, goals and personality, and write it in such a way that it’s communicated effectively to your particular customers.

The words used to present your message may vary depending on the communications media. Whether creating a website, brochure or press release, our writers will adapt your message to the medium and the specific audience you want to reach, adhering to the primary goals of the campaign.

“We hired Prime Design because we needed their expertise and didn’t want to or know how to complete the task. Their staff was professional from start to finish and kept us on their timeline as promised.”

Scott Boyer / Earth Energy Drilling
Innovative Tomato

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Innovative Tomato


Check out INNOVATIVE TOMATO, our sister company that specializes in digital advertising, mobile app development, and video & motion graphics.

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