Better Batter Gluten Free Flour

Prime Design Solutions provides a wide variety of marketing services to Better Batter Gluten Free of Altoona, Pa.


Better Batter manufactures gluten free flour, baking mixes and other products for people with gluten intolerance and other food allergies, with the belief that everyone should eat real-tasting food, using regular recipes, at reasonable prices. Naomi Poe invented the original flour to meet her own family’s needs, founding Better Batter in 2006. She turned to Prime Design Solutions in 2010 as her company continued to grow, and today Better Batter products are sold in stores in 42 states, internationally and online.

“Prime Design Solutions eventually became kind of a wrap-around service for me. As a small company starting out, I can't afford to bring in a staff person to do design work – Prime Design Solutions functions essentially as a department of our company. For us, the partnership is a win-win.”

Naomi Poe, Founder / Better Batter

We provided Better Batter with a versatile, multi-panel display that can be easily and quickly set up in a variety of configurations, depending on available space. An animated presentation to be displayed on a monitor and branded aprons and a tablecloth completed the package. “We still get people coming to us, envious, asking who did our display. Prime Design Solutions helped guide us in the right direction to get a display that is efficient and eye-catching,” said Poe of the display.


Prime Design Solutions then created logo style guidelines and refreshed the product package design. Soon we began designing sales sheets, brochures and flyers for a variety of audiences, including wholesalers, bakers, physicians, and individual consumers. “I think it’s important for a company to have a uniform story to tell when it comes to their brand. With Prime Design Solutions handling all our print work, everyone knows our brand – the brand is strong, and the message is strong. What we find is that people think we’re a much larger company than we are because the quality of design work is consistent. We can come to Prime Design Solutions with a big idea, and they refine it and guide the brand appropriately.” said Naomi Poe, Better Batter’s founder.


Prime Design Solutions also developed sophisticated e-commerce capabilities for Better Batter’s website as the company’s online sales grew, allowing them to offer a wide variety of promotions, shipping options and more.

“Prime Design Solutions was able to integrate things very quickly and make changes very quickly. We don't have a tech team, so if something goes wrong we know PDS can take care of it effectively and professionally.”

Naomi Poe, Founder / Better Batter
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