Bedford Candies

We worked with Bedford Candies to develop a new corporate identity, website with e-commerce, and e-newsletter, and trained them in photography so they can better spotlight new products in their marketing.


Bedford Candies has offered hand-crafted chocolate since 1929. When Tammy Wiley bought the business in 2010, she began to expand with the addition of gourmet popcorn, ice cream, and an increased product line. As the business grew, her existing website became inadequate, and she realized it was time for a logo update. She came to Prime Design Solutions for a new logo and website capable of growing the business through e-commerce.


Prime Design Solutions responded with a new corporate identity that looks fresh while emphasizing the company’s tradition and longevity. The words “est. 1929” are featured at the top of the logo, which uses the candy shop’s already-established color scheme of brown and pink.


The mobile-friendly website we developed spotlights the company’s delicious products. Social media, including the store’s Instagram feed, is included, as well as a new e-newsletter system that allows the company to stay in touch with its online customers.

Because the visual appeal of the products is so important, Prime Design Solutions also trained Tammy and her staff in photography. Thus, the firm can update the site with high-quality photographs of the latest products, enabling them to effectively yet affordably spotlight ever-changing popcorn flavors and seasonal products.

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The website features an easy-to-navigate e-commerce section that allows users to create accounts and “wish lists,” and upsells them on products when they check out.  Buyers can choose from a wide menu of products, including different sizes and flavors for each, and the system automatically sends staff an email to let them know an order has been placed. The content management system makes it simple for Tammy and her staff to add new products and even entire product lines to the online store. Further, coupon codes can be easily created whenever the store wants to run a special promotion. The site, which was launched at the end of February 2015, had an immediate impact on the store’s online sales. The company is growing, and is opening a new location in Altoona.


“Our website is such an important part of our business and we couldn't be happier with it. It's attractive, user friendly, reliable and easy to maintain and update.”

Tammy Wiley, Owner / Bedford Candies
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