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Should Your Company Use Twitter?

Most of our readers are familiar with Twitter—the social networking website that functions as a condensed version of a blog, allowing users to send “Tweets” (messages up to 140 characters long, and may include attachments, such as pictures, or links to articles). Recent estimates put the number of users in the hundreds of millions, and Twitter can be used on any desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device. For the business owner, the big question is, “can this networking tool be used to promote my organization?”

One of the main reasons your company should be using Twitter is that most of your customers are probably already on it. This is a serious, vast market composed of hundreds of millions of people, and if your company or organization is not utilizing this social networking media, you are losing out on customers. Users (and companies) are able to brand their account with backgrounds, pictures and usernames, so the Twitter account blends seamlessly with the company brand.

The most important and most obvious reason that your company should be on Twitter is that customers enjoy using Twitter to connect with companies – Twitter allows them to voice their opinion and be heard in ways that would not otherwise be possible. Companies utilizing this form of media are able to ENGAGE their customers and maintain a positive conversation that otherwise would not have transpired, and to the customers – they feel like their voice is being heard and the company cares about what they have to say. There is not a better model for brand loyalty than that.

Twitter can be used to announce promotions, discounts, or special events. This event can be used in conjunction with an e-commerce site (i.e. enter this code at checkout and receive a 10% discount!) or “Mention this ad in our store…”. Customers are looking for great deals, and if your organization is tweeting them, customers will follow. Your loyal customers can also help to give your Twitter feed a boost – re-tweeting deals that they think their friends or co-workers may be interested in.

Twitter is FREE – there is no charge to create an account or to use an account, sending as many “tweets” in a day as you like. There are several styles of Twitter icons available as well, that can be placed on your website to link to your Twitter account. Twitter is also immediate – your followers will have access to your tweets as soon as you send them. It is a streamlined and effective way to spread your message straight to your target audience.

Make your Twitter account useful to your followers. Maybe you have a home-improvement store. Tweet pictures of what your customers have done with your products, or send helpful links that relate to your business. A restaurant could tweet daily lunch specials. An accountant could tweet tips for tax filing or budget management. An architect could tweet pictures of their latest project. No matter what industry your organization is in, there is an effective way for Twitter to help you engage your audience and client base. If your customers are actively engaged with your Twitter feed, reciprocate – follow their Twitter feed as well. Businesses, especially, should make their feed pertinent and applicable to the audience they are trying to reach.

Twitter is a free, positive, productive way to reach hundreds of millions of potential customers and clients. Your organization can set up a free account and by sending out helpful, applicable tweets, can amass a following of loyal customers that otherwise, may have been difficult, if not impossible to connect with.

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