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Do You Need a Mobile-Friendly Website?

It has been estimated that one in three adults in the United States owns and uses a smartphone daily. What does this mean for your business?

Consumers are utilizing their smartphones in increasing numbers, as data plans become more affordable, download times become faster, and information becomes more accessible. In today’s market, companies need to maintain a mobile presence. A mobile website needs to mirror your marketing and branding message, but be tailored to fit on a smaller screen, with condensed, easily accessible information. To put it simply, your mobile site needs to be a smaller, more efficient version of your current website. It needs to reduce the amount of effort taken by a user to gain the information they need. If your company is not currently utilizing a mobile website, you are losing business.

Ask anyone who owns and uses a smartphone how frustrated they become when searching for a particular company or piece of information from a website that is not enabled for mobile viewing. They will tell you the experience is frustrating, and often, they quickly move on to easier solutions. Imagine you own a restaurant, and rely on tourism for a portion of your business. You have a website, but it is not configured for viewing from a smartphone or mobile device. Every day, you are losing business, because your potential customers cannot get the information they need. Unable to locate pricing information or directions, they move on to another option, one that provides information to them in a fast and concise manner.

Arguably, there are no disadvantages to having a mobile website. It may cost your company additional fees to build and implement, but will pay for itself over time. Typically, most mobile websites do not contain the amount of information in a regular website, and therefore contain fewer pages, which can also help to offset the total cost.

Mobile websites can aid your business, and continue to be utilized every day, in growing numbers in all sectors of the market. With this technology projected to become even more prevalent, if your business or organization is not using a mobile website, you will continue to lose more prospective clients. The time to take your company onto a mobile platform is now.

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