Prime Design Solutions takes the safety of our employees and clients very seriously, and will comply with Governor Wolf's directive that non-essential offices be closed starting March 17.

Fortunately, the nature of our work is that it's very portable, and our employees will be working from home on current and new projects. We will continue to be in touch with you, and you can reach us as you normally would -- email, online communication or by phone (please call our main number, 814-248-3180).

If you have immediate communication needs due to the current circumstances, our team is here to help.

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Posts on Social Media: Google+

  • Changes in Google+ And What They Might Mean

    Google+ debuted to much fanfare in June 2011 as the search engine giant sought to establish itself as a social media network. Although it has not successfully competed with Facebook in terms of how people use it, G+ has been a viable and useful alternative for businesses, not least because it can create measurable results in your website’s SEO. As all social networks, G+ continues to evolve. Here’s a rundown of some of the most recent changes, and what they might mean for the future of G+.

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  • Choosing social media channels that are right for your business

    By now, most small business owners realize that being active on social media should be an important part of their digital marketing strategy. But there are more social media channels than ever, and the landscape is constantly shifting – it can be hard to determine which channels are most important, and how to prioritize time spent on social media marketing. In this podcast, we’ll talk about how to evaluate the channels available as you develop a social media strategy that’s right for you.

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  • Google+, YouTube, and Your Website: Establishing the SEO Trifecta

    Establishing a Google + Page and linking it to your website should be an important part of every company’s digital promotion strategy, because it creates significant benefits in search engine optimization (for a detailed discussion on how this works, review an earlier Learning Center podcast/article). Further, your Google+ Page should be linked to your YouTube channel, if you have one – YouTube is actually part of Google, so those two social media complement each other in a uniquely direct way, thus further amplifying the SEO benefits.

    The concept is simple enough – but the implementation can be challenging. Virtually every business we’ve worked with on this has encountered significant difficulties in getting the website-G+-YouTube trifecta set up optimally. Here are a few of the issues we’ve encountered, and some possible solutions. Read More »

  • Google+ for Small Business

    Google+ debuted in mid-2011 to much fanfare, as the search giant sought to enter the social media landscape. Many people believed initially that Google+ was intended as an answer to Facebook — and by that measure, it wasn’t exactly a roaring success. It’s true that Google+ has some surface similarities to Facebook. But Google+ has its own distinct character, and its benefits go far beyond what meets the eye – and in many ways, far beyond what Facebook can offer, especially for business purposes. Here’s a rundown of what Google+ is, and why it’s an increasingly important part of online promotion for your business. Read More »

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