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  • Choosing social media channels that are right for your business

    By now, most small business owners realize that being active on social media should be an important part of their digital marketing strategy. But there are more social media channels than ever, and the landscape is constantly shifting – it can be hard to determine which channels are most important, and how to prioritize time spent on social media marketing. In this podcast, we’ll talk about how to evaluate the channels available as you develop a social media strategy that’s right for you.

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  • New Developments in Social Media: Ello, Ello? Tsu’s there?

    The social media landscape is in constant flux – it can be hard to keep up with it all, between updates to familiar networks like Facebook to the debut of entirely new social networks! In the past few weeks not one but two new social networks have been in the news, Ello and Tsu, and in many ways they are polar opposites. Here’s our take on them both, and an update on a small but significant change in Facebook Page functionality.

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  • Google+ for Small Business

    Google+ debuted in mid-2011 to much fanfare, as the search giant sought to enter the social media landscape. Many people believed initially that Google+ was intended as an answer to Facebook — and by that measure, it wasn’t exactly a roaring success. It’s true that Google+ has some surface similarities to Facebook. But Google+ has its own distinct character, and its benefits go far beyond what meets the eye – and in many ways, far beyond what Facebook can offer, especially for business purposes. Here’s a rundown of what Google+ is, and why it’s an increasingly important part of online promotion for your business. Read More »

  • LinkedIn for Business Networking

    LinkedIn is the only social medium specifically focused on business. It functions a bit like Facebook in that users find “friends” in the form of “connections,” and the service features a “news feed” of users’ status updates, which tend to be business-related — job updates, links to business news articles, and so forth. It’s the best social network to help you find a job (rather than hurt – if you’re jobhunting, you might want to check those Facebook privacy settings!), and a great place to network.

    LinkedIn currently has 300 million users, of which 187 million are active monthly. More than 39 million are recent college graduates, and a surprising 41% of visits are mobile – further demonstrating the growing importance of the mobile market.

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  • Should Your Company Use Twitter?

    Most of our readers are familiar with Twitter—the social networking website that functions as a condensed version of a blog, allowing users to send “Tweets” (messages up to 140 characters long, and may include attachments, such as pictures, or links to articles). Recent estimates put the number of users in the hundreds of millions, and Twitter can be used on any desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device. For the business owner, the big question is, “can this networking tool be used to promote my organization?”

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  • Using Social Media Websites to Promote Your Company

    When used in conjunction with a well-designed website, social media sites can be a powerful tool for promoting your organization. Websites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube now provide your business with a direct link to your most important asset, your customers. If utilized properly, these websites can provide your organization with valuable promotion and insight into your customers’ needs.

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