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  • Using stories in social media

    Posting “stories” consisting of one or more images is a hot trend on social media. Essentially, stories are a type of visual post, with the notable fact that they are temporary – they are only a part of your feed for a certain period of time. That’s significant because most people curate their social media feeds very carefully, only posting the most carefully composed shots because they’ll be visible on the feed permanently. Stories allow users to post more authentic, less perfect moments, which of course everyone loves – so it’s not surprising that they’ve become popular.

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  • Live streaming on social media

    Going “live” is a hot phenomenon on social media, and it’s possible to do it on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Here’s more about how—and why– you might choose to go live.

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  • How to Handle Negativity on Social Media

    Social media has enabled direct communication with your customers in a way that’s revolutionized business – not only can you easily communicate with your customers, they can easily communicate with you. That’s an incredible innovation with many advantages – but it’s also not without its challenges. Today we’ll talk about how businesses can handle negative feedback on social media.

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