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  • Eight Ways to Refresh your Website

    The best part about websites is that unlike print pieces, they’re easily edited and updated. But despite this wonderful feature, it can be all too easy for your website to become stagnant – which can be a problem not only aesthetically, but also in how your website functions. Here are 8 things to look at when you’re refreshing your website.

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  • Using Google Trends for Marketing

    Of the many online tools available for use in marketing, you should absolutely be using trends.google.com, a free online tool created by Google. Google Trends displays analytics of different search terms people are using on its search engine, Google — and you can use this information in a variety of ways to ensure you are doing the best job possible with your digital marketing.

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  • Ten Ideas for Effective Business Blog Posts

    Finding the time is probably the top reason companies don’t engage in blogging, one of the most effective and readily accessible forms of content marketing. But a close second is the challenge of coming up with topics. In fact, this morning in the Prime Design Solutions staff meeting, the discussion of our monthly blog post came up – who’s writing this month’s post, and what it will be about.

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  • Creating shareable content

    The value of content marketing has been proven for years – increased search engine optimization (SEO), fodder for social media and email marketing, team enrichment and more (for even more on this topic, see our blog post). But are you tapping into the potential reach for the content you’re creating? After all, the hard work is essentially done – you’ve developed an idea, wordsmithed it, gone through rounds of revisions and created supporting media – how can you get even more people to see it?

    The answer lies in sourcing the help of others. And the way that is done is through sharing.

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  • How to design if you’re not a designer

    Not everyone is a graphic designer – and not every job requires hiring one. Sometimes, in-house is the best, or your only, option. But what if you aren’t as confident in your own design skills? Just like everything else, graphic design has a set of foundational rules that can really improve the outcome of your work.

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