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  • How to Set Up an E-commerce Store

    E-commerce in 2020 has boomed up to 146% over the same period last year, fueled in part by the COVID crisis in which “non-essential” stores had to close. People are ordering things online from giants like Amazon, but more and more smaller stores are stepping forward to claim their share of the e-commerce pie. Restaurants everywhere have shifted their business to take-out and/or service, and even many independent restaurants have created online ordering systems for no-touch payment and patron convenience.

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  • The Fundamentals of Selling Online

    For those of us offering products for sale to a buying public—be it physical, tangible goods or digital offerings — selling online is an immediately attractive avenue to grow sales by expanding our sales reach to an ever-widening audience of potential customers. From the convenience of their couch, desk, or even on the go using a phone, the buying public has demonstrated a high degree of comfort and a defined level of expectation for how they will spend their money online.

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Innovative Tomato

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Innovative Tomato


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