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  • Making Better Designs With a Content-First Approach

    When working with any marketing company (such as Prime Design Solutions) for a new print or web design, the ultimate goal is to end up with a great-looking product. And there is a lot to be said for something that looks compelling, well-designed, and professional. One element that can often be neglected, however, is content.

    When content is given top priority in a project, your design can be not only great-looking, but a powerful marketing tool — one where every element works towards a common goal.

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  • Using Google Analytics to Measure the Success of Your Website

    A truism is that all marketing efforts are measurable. If you cannot quantify the results of your campaign, then the campaign is more likely classified as public relations, not marketing. And effective marketing is what truly affects your bottom-line.

    For many businesses, their website is the prime marketing tool that not only generates leads and sales on its own, but also supports all other promotion efforts. So what is the best way to measure the results of your web-based initiatives?

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  • Does Your Business Really Need a Website?

    In business these days every marketing dollar counts. Competition for customers is tight, and you need to be the first name that comes to mind when the need for your service arises. Unlike the mega-corporations, the rest of us need to be generally frugal with our marketing budget, so selecting just the right pieces for your campaign can be a challenge.

    There are several key pieces of collateral that every business needs (logo, business cards, signage), but the single, hardest-working promotional tool is a business’s website. Long gone are the days where a website is a frivolous expense. These days, if you don’t have a website, it is costing you money. Across virtually every demographic, consumers are likely to begin the pre-purchase decision-making process online. And if you’re not in the mix, you are out of the running.

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