Prime Design Solutions takes the safety of our employees and clients very seriously. As of November 2020, our employees continue to work remotely, with intermittent presence in the office.

Fortunately, the nature of our work is that it’s very portable, and our employees are working from home on current and new projects. We will continue to be in touch with you, and you can reach us as you normally would — email, online communication or by phone (please call our main number, 814-248-3180).

If you have immediate communication needs due to the current circumstances, our team is here to help.

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  • How to Frustrate Hackers: Security and Your WordPress Website

    Keeping a website safe from malicious acts is increasingly important, especially when using an open-source content management system such as WordPress. Here’s what you need to know about website security, and how you can minimize the chances your website will be compromised.

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  • International Search Engine Optimization

    Search engines work hard to return results listings that they anticipate will be relevant to their users and geographic location and the language of the website play big roles in this. Then there are political barriers, in which countries will block competing international companies.

    Make the website more attractive to the targeted country by tailoring your content to them. An effective way to do this is to have multiple versions of the website based on location. For example, if targeting customers in the UK, create a subdomain for that geographic region (for example, and have a version of the website in that location. Then, when someone is searching using, the search engine can recognize that a geographically-optimized version is available.

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