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  • LinkedIn for Business Networking

    LinkedIn is the only social medium specifically focused on business. It functions a bit like Facebook in that users find “friends” in the form of “connections,” and the service features a “news feed” of users’ status updates, which tend to be business-related — job updates, links to business news articles, and so forth. It’s the best social network to help you find a job (rather than hurt – if you’re jobhunting, you might want to check those Facebook privacy settings!), and a great place to network.

    LinkedIn currently has 300 million users, of which 187 million are active monthly. More than 39 million are recent college graduates, and a surprising 41% of visits are mobile – further demonstrating the growing importance of the mobile market.

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  • Corporate Sponsorship for Small Business

    Small businesses are often approached with sponsorship requests, where the business receives some recognition in return for a donation that helps support a worthwhile cause or event. The amount of recognition the business receives is dependent on the size of the donation. Sponsorship opportunities include sports leagues; cultural amenities such as art exhibits, festivals, performing arts presentations, museums, or organizations; school programs; all kinds of non-profit organizations and the programs they present; and benefit galas or events – the possibilities are virtually endless.

    But too often small businesses regard sponsorship as corporate charity rather than the promotional opportunity it really is. Here’s how you can evaluate potential sponsorships, and how to make the most of them once you pledge your support.

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  • Five Things You Can Do to Increase Your Visibility

    In your ongoing quest to keep ahead of your competitors you need to be constantly conscious of your visibility to your customers. In this case “visibility” refers to your customers’ awareness of your strengths and capabilities. Most likely there are customers that are in need of your service, but are unaware of how well you can meet their needs in areas of quality, cost and responsiveness. It is your challenge to provide them with reminders and incentives to contact you.

    In this article you’ll find five ways to immediately increase your visibility. Implementing one or all of these strategies could be the key to your ongoing success.

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