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  • Using our free 2017 marketing calendar

    In late 2015, we created a free marketing calendar to help small businesses plan their upcoming marketing year more effectively. That page became one of the most popular on our entire site – clearly, the calendar filled a need! As 2016 draws to a close, we’re delighted to provide an update to this useful tool.

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  • Using Our Free 2016 Marketing Calendar

    A common thread in successful collective marketing efforts is planning. Organizing your planning in a way that is convenient and shareable makes it all the more effective. Today, we’ll discuss a marketing calendar that’s available free on this website, and why and how you should use it as part of your 2016 marketing plans.

    Download the marketing calendar.

    Why use a marketing calendar?

    You might choose to fill in just the high points, or be go about it with much more detail — it all depends on how you like to work. Either way is great, because:

    • Schedules are proven to help keep projects on track and tasks from being overlooked. This is especially important in situations where more than one person is responsible for marketing — you can indicate who is responsible for each task.
    • You can be proactive instead of reactive. There will always be situations when people have to scramble to meet a deadline, but being able to look ahead will help minimize these, and decrease the chances of a mistake.
    • A calendar provides at-a-glance comprehension of where assistance will be needed. This can be both internal and external. Internally, you can see when you might need to recruit more help from your co-workers. If you work with any outside professionals on your marketing— from full-service advertising agencies like Prime Design Solutions (in which case, they may be collaborators on your calendar) to freelancers who help you with a specific area, such as print design or your website — the calendar will help you get the most out of their assistance.

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