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  • Domain name scams and how to avoid them

    Any entity that has a website has to buy and register a domain name – that is, the combination of letters behind www that is assigned to your site’s IP address — something like www.yourcompany.com. Simple enough, right? But this simple need is the source of seemingly endless domain registration scams. In fact, we get multiple inquiries every month from clients who have been targeted. In this article, we’ll review the most common forms of domain scams, and how you can recognize and avoid them.

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  • What web hosting is, and why quality hosting matters

    A business website must be hosted – that is, stored on a computer server where the files and database live, waiting to be accessed over the internet by potential customers. Web hosting is one of the most important components to a successful website, but there’s a lot of confusion about it. In this month’s podcast, we’ll explain what web hosting is, and why quality hosting matters.

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