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  • Recycling Your Content Marketing

    We’ve covered the topic of content marketing extensively in this blog. To review, content marketing is exactly what it sounds like – marketing through content, or information, that is useful to the consumer but isn’t selling something directly. Some examples of content marketing might be:

    • A candy company publishing a brochure with tips on keeping kids safe while trick-or-treating
    • A medical brace manufacturer publishing an informational poster illustrating knee and foot anatomy for use in doctors’ offices
    • A financial advisor publishing a blog post about the differences between a Roth and traditional IRA
    • A fashion retailer posting a video on different ways to wear scarves
    • A paint company creating an infographic illustrating how to choose between various types of varnish

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  • Creating shareable content

    The value of content marketing has been proven for years – increased search engine optimization (SEO), fodder for social media and email marketing, team enrichment and more (for even more on this topic, see our blog post). But are you tapping into the potential reach for the content you’re creating? After all, the hard work is essentially done – you’ve developed an idea, wordsmithed it, gone through rounds of revisions and created supporting media – how can you get even more people to see it?

    The answer lies in sourcing the help of others. And the way that is done is through sharing.

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  • How to publish a podcast

    Podcasts are recorded, spoken audio that can be downloaded or streamed at the listener’s convenience – and they’re growing in popularity. Countless podcasts exist on virtually every topic, including marketing, and with the evolution of digital technology they’re quite easy to set up. In this month’s podcast, we’ll go over the basics of how to publish your own podcast.

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  • Video: A high-value marketing tool

    Video has revealed itself as one of the rising stars in the marketing tool world. With any new messaging approach or device, there are new challenges. Today, we’re going to talk about the value in adding video to your marketing strategy and some tips on how to properly manage this new initiative.

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  • How to Get the Most out of Email Marketing

    With the increase of social media marketing, many companies have sent their email newsletter out to sea. But people are still emailing every day, and email newsletters are a great way to reach out directly to your customers. Especially with social media saturation and Facebook’s “boosted post” policies, email newsletters and promotions can make it more likely that your subscribers will see your message.

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  • 8 Things to Know About Email Marketing Today

    Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing, and one of the most popular. In fact, one study estimated that more than 838 billion (BILLION!) e-mails were sent in 2013 alone. Given the sheer volume of marketing email out there – and how crowded your own in-box might be – it might be tempting to dismiss email marketing as outmoded, overdone, and not worth your time. But in fact, email marketing is incredibly effective – according to the Direct Marketing Association, it has an ROI of 4,300%.

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