Prime Design Solutions takes the safety of our employees and clients very seriously, and will comply with Governor Wolf's directive that non-essential offices be closed starting March 17.

Fortunately, the nature of our work is that it's very portable, and our employees will be working from home on current and new projects. We will continue to be in touch with you, and you can reach us as you normally would -- email, online communication or by phone (please call our main number, 814-248-3180).

If you have immediate communication needs due to the current circumstances, our team is here to help.

Learning Center

  • Browser Tips for Online Privacy

    With the increasing number of websites we visit and amount of personal information that is transferred on computers, keeping yourself private and secure online is just as important as locking your door at night. But staying secure online isn’t as simple as turning a key. In this month’s post we’ll explain online privacy settings for the most popular browsers, showing you how to adjust settings for maximum online privacy and security.

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  • Using stories in social media

    Posting “stories” consisting of one or more images is a hot trend on social media. Essentially, stories are a type of visual post, with the notable fact that they are temporary – they are only a part of your feed for a certain period of time. That’s significant because most people curate their social media feeds very carefully, only posting the most carefully composed shots because they’ll be visible on the feed permanently. Stories allow users to post more authentic, less perfect moments, which of course everyone loves – so it’s not surprising that they’ve become popular.

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  • What you should know about website cookies

    Recently, you may have noticed websites asking permission if they can collect cookies. This is due to the EU cookie legislation that requires websites based in the European Union to gain consent before a website can store information on a user’s computer. Due to this, cookies have gained somewhat of a negative connotation because users do not want to be tracked online, but the reality is some cookies are essential to internet browsing — and all cookies are relatively harmless.

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  • Live streaming on social media

    Going “live” is a hot phenomenon on social media, and it’s possible to do it on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Here’s more about how—and why– you might choose to go live.

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