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  • Video Brings Your Website to Life

    Gone are the days of long, text-filled pages where potential customers are tasked with teaching themselves about the products and services a company offers. These days, many are in search of a short video that tells them the important parts:

    • Can you solve my problem?
    • What is the benefit of choosing your offered solution?
    • How do I get started?

    In as little as 15 seconds, you can provide basic answers to these questions in an engaging way.

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  • Eight ways to refresh your website

    The best part about websites is that unlike print pieces, they’re easily edited and updated. But despite this wonderful feature, it can be all too easy for your website to become stagnant – which can be a problem not only aesthetically, but also in how your website functions. Here are 8 things to look at when you’re refreshing your website.

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  • Using QR codes in marketing

    First invented in the mid-90s, a Quick Response code is a square bar code that can link the physical world to a digital action when scanned by a mobile device. They debuted to much fanfare, but did not live up to their initial promise in the United States. You may have noticed that QR codes are making a comeback. In this month’s post, we’ll discuss a few of the reasons why this is, and how QR codes might work for you.

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  • Myths and facts about getting a new website

    Is your website out of date and needing a design tweak or complete overhaul, or is your business new? Whether you’re replacing an old site or getting your first one, here are some myths and facts about getting that new website launched into cyberspace.

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  • Images for the Internet: What You Should Know

    Search engines use your website’s copy to determine if your site is of interest to people searching for your products and services. But good images help engage your customers and prospects, keeping them interested and reading further – so quality images are crucially important to an effective website. In this post we’ll go over some of the things you should know about choosing images for your website.

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