Prime Design Solutions takes the safety of our employees and clients very seriously. As of June 30, most of our employees continue to work remotely, with intermittent presence in the office.

Fortunately, the nature of our work is that it’s very portable, and our employees are working from home on current and new projects. We will continue to be in touch with you, and you can reach us as you normally would — email, online communication or by phone (please call our main number, 814-248-3180).

If you have immediate communication needs due to the current circumstances, our team is here to help.

Learning Center

  • Using Google Trends for Marketing

    Of the many online tools available for use in marketing, you should absolutely be using, a free online tool created by Google. Google Trends displays analytics of different search terms people are using on its search engine, Google — and you can use this information in a variety of ways to ensure you are doing the best job possible with your digital marketing.

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  • Ten ideas for effective business blog posts

    Finding the time is probably the top reason companies don’t engage in blogging, one of the most effective and readily accessible forms of content marketing. But a close second is the challenge of coming up with topics. In fact, this morning in the Prime Design Solutions staff meeting, the discussion of our monthly blog post came up – who’s writing this month’s post, and what it will be about.

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  • Tips for effective online meetings

    Telecommuting was on the rise before the COVID crisis hit the United States in March 2020 – but now it’s the “new normal” for an unprecedented number of people. As of July 2020, Pennsylvania’s Gov. Wolf is asking all workers who can to work from home.

    Among the many implications of this is that virtual meetings, once only necessary when participants are not in the same geographical location, are a fact of work life for the foreseeable future. So this month we’ll focus on ways to improve virtual meetings – both as a participant and a presenter — in the age of Zoom, GoToMeeting, and similar technologies.

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  • How to choose a font

    We see fonts everywhere. They display our messages and information on screens, signs, and just about anywhere else. The difference between picking a font that works and not is having someone be captivated by your words or disregard your message because they are too distracted by the typography. If may seem far-fetched if you do not actively think about the design of everything you see, but it is possible to select an efficient font that will draw the correct type of attention and get your point across effectively.

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  • How to set up an e-commerce store

    E-commerce in 2020 has boomed up to 146% over the same period last year, fueled in part by the COVID crisis in which “non-essential” stores had to close. People are ordering things online from giants like Amazon, but more and more smaller stores are stepping forward to claim their share of the e-commerce pie. Restaurants everywhere have shifted their business to take-out and/or service, and even many independent restaurants have created online ordering systems for no-touch payment and patron convenience.

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  • Recycling your content marketing

    We’ve covered the topic of content marketing extensively in the Learning Center, which is our name for the Prime Design Solutions blog. To review, content marketing is exactly what it sounds like – marketing through content, or information, that is useful to the consumer but isn’t selling something directly. Some examples of content marketing might be:

    • A candy company publishing a brochure with tips on keeping kids safe while trick-or-treating
    • A medical brace manufacturer publishing an informational poster illustrating knee and foot anatomy for use in doctors’ offices
    • A financial advisor publishing a blog post about the differences between a Roth and traditional IRA
    • A fashion retailer posting a video on different ways to wear scarves
    • A paint company creating an infographic illustrating how to choose between various types of varnish

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