Google AdWords Campaigns

Targeted advertising that only reaches people who are already interested. 

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising through Google AdWords can boost online sales by presenting your ad to people who are performing related searches. A study of relevant keywords and phrases dictates the content of the associated text ad, making sure you attract people looking for products and services that you offer. Specialized landing pages on your website should accompany all PPC campaigns. The landing pages have a direct tie to the advertisements, using consistent titles, descriptions and offers. A clear call to action needs to be available, encouraging the visitor to commit to making a purchase.

As the name suggests, the advertiser only pays for an ad when someone is interested enough to click on it — which means that PPC advertising is among the most affordable, targeted forms of paid media available. PPC campaigns should begin as limited periods of advertising activity. Additionally, A/B testing of variables between multiple ads can provide insight as to which messages better resonate with the purchasing public.

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