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Posts on Websites: Design, Functionality, and Promotion

  • What websites cost and why

    A website is one of the most important marketing pieces a business can have, but often the one that is first to feel the effects of a tight budget. Today we’re going to discuss the costs involved in launching a quality website, and why it’s important to invest the right amount of time and money into it.

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  • The Fundamentals of Selling Online

    For those of us offering products for sale to a buying public—be it physical, tangible goods or digital offerings — selling online is an immediately attractive avenue to grow sales by expanding our sales reach to an ever-widening audience of potential customers. From the convenience of their couch, desk, or even on the go using a phone, the buying public has demonstrated a high degree of comfort and a defined level of expectation for how they will spend their money online.

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  • Making Better Designs With a Content-First Approach

    When working with any marketing company (such as Prime Design Solutions) for a new print or web design, the ultimate goal is to end up with a great-looking product. And there is a lot to be said for something that looks compelling, well-designed, and professional. One element that can often be neglected, however, is content.

    When content is given top priority in a project, your design can be not only great-looking, but a powerful marketing tool — one where every element works towards a common goal.

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