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  • How to Handle Negativity on Social Media

    Social media has enabled direct communication with your customers in a way that’s revolutionized business – not only can you easily communicate with your customers, they can easily communicate with you. That’s an incredible innovation with many advantages – but it’s also not without its challenges. Today we’ll talk about how businesses can handle negative feedback on social media.

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  • Priorities, Priorities! Where to Focus Your Resources in the Digital Age

    For most small businesses, time and money are scarce resources – and figuring out how to prioritize your digital marketing is no easy task. Your website, e-newsletter, and the enormous array of social media outlets are all potential places to put your time and effort, and it can be hard to judge which provide the best return on investment. In this month’s podcast, we’ll discuss which are most important and why. Read More »

  • Choosing social media channels that are right for your business

    By now, most small business owners realize that being active on social media should be an important part of their digital marketing strategy. But there are more social media channels than ever, and the landscape is constantly shifting – it can be hard to determine which channels are most important, and how to prioritize time spent on social media marketing. In this podcast, we’ll talk about how to evaluate the channels available as you develop a social media strategy that’s right for you.

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