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  • What websites cost and why

    A website is one of the most important marketing pieces a business can have, but often the one that is first to feel the effects of a tight budget. Today we’re going to discuss the costs involved in launching a quality website, and why it’s important to invest the right amount of time and money into it.

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  • Avoid These Common Marketing Mistakes

    As a business owner or organization leader, there is a certain sense of ownership that is a prominent part of your relationship with your brand. It’s an important attribute, and one that can be a great motivator in working towards the success of your company. From a design and marketing standpoint, however, your personal attachment can sometimes cloud your judgement on the most effective way to present yourself to your prospective customer. Let’s take a look at some common marketing mistakes and what they could potentially convey to your audience.

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  • Video: A high-value marketing tool

    Video has revealed itself as one of the rising stars in the marketing tool world. With any new messaging approach or device, there are new challenges. Today, we’re going to talk about the value in adding video to your marketing strategy and some tips on how to properly manage this new initiative.

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