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  • The Benefits of Implementing a Relationship Marketing Strategy

    Relationship Marketing: what is it?

    Relationship marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on achieving customer loyalty and repeat business by developing strong, positive relationships with customers through communication and quality customer service. Read More »

  • Using our free 2017 marketing calendar

    In late 2015, we created a free marketing calendar to help small businesses plan their upcoming marketing year more effectively. That page became one of the most popular on our entire site – clearly, the calendar filled a need! As 2016 draws to a close, we’re delighted to provide an update to this useful tool.

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  • A Creative List of Marketing Tools

    From branding to promotions to paid media, there are countless channels you can use in marketing and advertising your business. Many of the articles and podcasts in our Learning Center focus on a specific tool in-depth (we’ll provide hotlinks for more reading), but the goal of today’s podcast is to help you think of new and different things to try in your marketing.

    A downloadable worksheet is available as part of this podcast. Go through the list, mark which channels you’re using well, which you could be using better, and which you’re not using now but might want to consider — it’s a great tool to help in your yearly marketing planning, and in prioritizing your next marketing initiatives.

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