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  • Is rebranding the right move for your business?

    Has your brand become stale? Are you finding it increasingly difficult to attract new customers? How do you know if it’s time to revisit your brand in its entirety or simply put more effort into your outdated marketing strategy?

    Remember, rebranding is a chance to start fresh — it doesn’t mean you’ve failed or that what you had wasn’t great at one time, it’s simply a reminder of how quickly market trends are evolving, shaping your customers’ perceptions of both you and the competition.

    On the other hand, your company may not need a total revamping of its identity. If your competitors are keeping up with the ever-changing times and you are not, you may want to revisit your marketing plan.

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  • Avoid These Common Marketing Mistakes

    As a business owner or organization leader, there is a certain sense of ownership that is a prominent part of your relationship with your brand. It’s an important attribute, and one that can be a great motivator in working towards the success of your company. From a design and marketing standpoint, however, your personal attachment can sometimes cloud your judgement on the most effective way to present yourself to your prospective customer. Let’s take a look at some common marketing mistakes and what they could potentially convey to your audience.

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  • Making Better Designs With a Content-First Approach

    When working with any marketing company (such as Prime Design Solutions) for a new print or web design, the ultimate goal is to end up with a great-looking product. And there is a lot to be said for something that looks compelling, well-designed, and professional. One element that can often be neglected, however, is content.

    When content is given top priority in a project, your design can be not only great-looking, but a powerful marketing tool — one where every element works towards a common goal.

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